Is It Possible to Build Lean Muscles Without Weight?

Is It Possible to Build Lean Muscles Without Weight?

Do you dream about getting a fit and beautiful body but training with weights just isn’t for you? Don’t be despaired, as there are many ways to get lean muscle without weights. In fact, this may even be a safer option for people suffering from some health conditions.

It’s true that weight lifting is a good exercise for building up your strength and muscle mass. However, cardiovascular and specialised body-weight exercises can be just as good (and sometimes even better) for the purpose of getting lean. They are also perfect for at-home workouts, as they require no equipment at all. Mastering them will allow you to get your healthy dose of fitness even while traveling with no access to a gym.

Pros and Cons of Using Your Own Body Weight in Exercising

One of the biggest advantages of using only your natural weight during workouts is the fact that you can perform a wide range of exercises that you wouldn’t be able to handle otherwise. They can be very challenging and make all your muscle groups work extremely hard.

These exercises require coordinated movement, so they also help you train your balance and concentration. Don’t forget that they are extremely comprehensive, so you can easily get a full-body workout, which will up your general fitness level fast.

On the other hand, these exercises will become less challenging with time. There are also some muscle groups that you cannot ‘reach’ without specialised tools, such as a resistance band or chinup bar. Therefore, over time, these specific groups won’t increase their fitness at the same speedy rate as the rest of your muscles.

Best Exercises for Building Lean Muscles Without Weight

If your goal is to burn off calories and get your body lean and fit, you should focus on ‘explosive’ exercises. They consist of quick and well-coordinated movements that strengthen your muscles fast. For example:

  • Plie jumps
  • Deep mountain climbers
  • Squat push-ups
  • Table saws
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Jump squats
  • Pushups (do as many as you can and aim for more)
  • Jumping lunges
  • Diamond pushups
  • Burpees

Start with short bursts of 30-second repetitions of each movement and allow yourself to relax for 30 seconds every couple of minutes. This will definitely be strenuous at first, but your body will start to adjust and get leaner with regular practice.

What about the Diet?

You can speed up the process of lean muscle building by following a healthy diet free of saturated fats and sugars. Including specialised sports supplements will help keep your energy levels up so that you can exercise more effectively.

  • December 2, 2016
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