10 Boxing Combinations – Jordan Lucas

10 Boxing Combinations.

Jordan “Showtime” Lucas is a pro MMA fighter, signed to One Fight Championship. Here Jordan runs through 10 boxing combinations that you can use on the bag, whilst sparring, or during a fight.

Combination 1: Jab, Cross, Left Body Rip, Roll Under
Combination 2: Jab, Cross, Step, Cross
Combination 3: Jab, Bounce Back, Cross, Roll Under, Left Rip
Combination 4: Dart Right Cross, Cut Angle, Right Body Rip
Combination 5: Dart Jab, Cut Angle, Left Body Rip, Right Body Rip
Combination 6: Double Jab, Straight Right to the Body
Combination 7: Jab Cross Stepping Forward, Jab Cross Stepping Backwards
Combination 8: Jab, Cross, Hook, Roll Under, Left Body Rip
Combination 9: Jab, Right Body Rip, Roll Under, Right Body Rip, Left Body Rip
Combination 10: Slip, Slip, Left Body Rip, Left Hook, Straight Right to the Body

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Song: Trillmatic – A$AP Mob (Instrumental)

Special thanks to Nemesis MMA.

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  • August 11, 2016
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