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Bulk Powders, pioneers to buying protein powder, health foods and sports nutrition direct from the manufacturer.

Find out why thousands of smart supplement users shop and save online with us.

Established in 2008 Bulk Powders has pioneered the way consumers purchase protein powders, health foods and sports nutrition. Owned and operated out of Australia, our business concept allows consumers both local and international, the opportunity to buy world-class products direct from manufacturer. Our direct approach minimizes the supply chain and provides consumers with huge costs savings compared to buying retail brands.

Offering consumers a premium quality product at an incredible price, is made possible by our ability to buy our powders in bulk, carry out production and packaging in-house and sell direct to the end consumer. This concept is further supported by taking a minimal approach to our branding, packaging and marketing expenses.

“It is not uncommon for a consumer to find they can receive twice as powder or 100% more value from a Bulk Powders product, for around the same price of a retail brand or influencer sponsored product. It is Bulk Powders core belief it is what’s inside the packet that truly matters most and this is what consumers should be paying for, not supply chains, expensive display packaging and paid endorsements. Forget about the bells and whistles, we get straight to what matters most, quality and affordable health foods and sports nutrition."  (Bulk Powders CEO)  

Since our 2008 introduction to Australia, Bulk Powders has established to become a staple supplier, first choice and nutritional partner for gym enthusiasts, elite athletes, sports-teams and active healthy people, who look to us to support their healthy lifestyle and inner wellbeing.

In 2016 Bulk Powders extended its reach across the Tasman Sea to neighboring New Zealand and in 2018 proudly released into the Asian markets and now deliver products to a further 12 nations including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

We believe we are innovators in our industry today. Our product development and manufacturing experts come with a solid 60 years combined experience in the sports food industry. Evolving to meet consumer needs and provide gym enthusiasts, elite athletes, sports-teams and active healthy people, not only the essential supplement staples, but a large range of Australian ACO certified organic plant based protein powders and super-foods.

With innovation we employ an economical and versatile packaging solution for our products, established many automated in-house and online processes to allow us to offer our customers a seamless experience, whilst maintaining low prices and being mindful of reducing our environmental impact.

In upholding our direct business concept and core beliefs, alongside the highest regards towards Australian standards, we’re able to greater benefit our customers, our employees and the environment. It is through our core beliefs and high standards we ensure excellence and consistency in the products and services we deliver our customers.

  • 100% Pure Product Potency
  • 100% Effective ingredients with no fillers
  • 100% Australian owned and operated

Our customers can shop securely online from one of our three online stores. For more information on our products and services please visit your nations website.

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