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Brand Ambassador Program

We run a unique Brand Ambassador Program ideal for passionate athletes or bodybuilders who have a solid fitness following. It's based on our standard loyalty and referral program but has supercharged benefits. Brand Ambassadors enjoy much higher rebates and great commissions.

The BP Brand Ambassador Program is only available to approved athletes or bodybuilders who are experienced, passionate and embody our brand values.

If you love to network and inspire others, if you love our products and would like your supplements to support your passion for free, then our Brand Ambassador program is for you.

Ambassador Rewards

Inviting referrals couldn't be easier. We give you a helping hand, unlocking access to a bunch of awesome promotional gear. BP Brand Ambassadors get an exclusive BP account with inbuilt promotional and referral tools, a unique referral code and link so it's easy to invite friends, family, team mates, training partners and gym mates.

We treat newly-referred customers to a host of incentives, too, so it's not just the Brand Ambassadors who get rewards. It's a triple win! Here's how everyone wins with the BP Brand Ambassador Program:

> WIN #1 (for them)

When your newly-referred customer clicks through from your bespoke link or uses your unique code on sign up, you’ll not only be introducing them to one of Australia’s best online sports nutritional and supplement labels. You'll help them save cash from the start. They’ll automatically receive BP$ to give them a great start when supplement shopping with us.

> WIN #2 (for you)

To say thanks for sending us a new customer, we’ll credit your account with bonus BP$ to the value of 10%* of your referral’s first purchase.

> WIN #3 (even more for you)

Every time your referral shops online with us we’ll credit your account with bonus BP$ to the value of 5%* for every purchase your referral makes. There's no time limit on this; as long as they keep shopping, we keep rewarding you.

The BP Brand Ambassador referral tools makes everything really easy. With just a couple of clicks, Brand Ambassadors can invite referrals via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Email contact lists can be copy and paste into the online tool and group email invitations sent out in minutes. And you can use your unique link and referral code in forum profiles and signatures, on blog posts, in email signatures or just for word-of-mouth referrals.

Your fitness network already looks to you for advice, recommendations and tips. With just a little networking to your established community you'll easily earn valuable BP$. In fact, we find most of our dedicated BP Brand Ambassadors no longer need to pay for their supplements at all!

To apply for the BP Brand Ambassador Program simply fill out the following form;

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