10 MMA Strength and Conditioning Techniques – Jordan Lucas

10 MMA Strength and Conditioning Techniques.

Jordan “Showtime” Lucas is a pro MMA fighter, signed to One Fight Championship. Here Jordan runs through 10 Strength and Conditioning techniques with his S&C coach, Jeremy Dooley.

Bear Crawl

The Bear Crawl can help improve co-ordination, stability and mobility. When doing a bear crawl you need to be on all fours, with a flat back. Slighty elevate your knees so they are off the ground, and start moving forward. As you move your right hand forward, you will move your left leg forward.

Spiderman Crawl

The Spiderman Crawl can help improve hip mobility, co-ordination, and help activate your core. When doing the spiderman crawl you’ll start on all fours. As your left hand comes forward, your right foot will go to your opposite hand, continue that motion to move forward.

Step Through

The Step Through involves dynamic range of motion, core activation, and also mimics a lot of situations where a fighter can find themselves on the ground. You’ll be starting from an all fours position on the ground with your bum up high, you then fling your leg through the opposite side of your body, and then keep swapping legs with a fast paced motion.

Band Resisted Takedown

The Band Resisted Takedown can help improve explosiveness through a double leg takedown. A resistance band needs to be anchored to a stationary object or to another person, you will then shadow box and then attempt to do as many takedowns as you can within one minute, or at the other persons call.

Band Resisted Alphabet

The Band Resisted Alphabet can help improve your core strength and your range of motion. A resistance band needs to be anchored to a stationary object, you will then extend your arms and spell out the alphabet as slow and controlled as possible. Once completed one way, turn around and complete in the opposite direction.

Explosive Pushup with Dummy Bag Roll

The Explosive Pushup with Dummy Bag Roll which uses explosive power from the upper body, and also mimics a position in which a fighter can find themselves in. You will lie alongside the dummy bag (or boxing bag), you will then do an explosive pushup over the top of the dummy bag, grab the dummy bag, roll over, and repeat.

Iso Hold

The Iso Hold is a technique that tests an athletes mental strength. For this you can use any position that you want, today we will be focusing on wall sit, half pushup, and cage hang.
When performing a wall sit, your legs need to be at 90 degrees and your back flat against the wall. When performing a half push up, you’ll start from the bottom point of the pushup and then elevate yourself half way up. When performing a cage hang, you will hand half way from the top of the cage, as if you are doing a half chin up or half pull up, alternatively this can be done on a chin up bar. Hold all of these movements for up to 90 seconds.

Fast Feet

The Fast Feet technique helps increase reaction time and agility. You will shadow box until you are given a specific call, (or after 5 seconds if you are training alone), then you will run through the agility ladder as fast as possible, moving side to side, one foot in and one foot out of the square. If you don’t have an agility ladder you can use a drawn up grid in your training complex.

Kettlebell Walk

The Bell-end Up Kettlebell Walk helps work on shoulder strength and stability, along with mental strength. Have your arms at 90 degrees, holding two kettlebells bell end up in each hand. Make sure your arms don’t flare out, and your elbows stay nice and central.

Plated Hip Thrust

The Plated Hip Thrust which works on explosive power through the hips and glutes. For this, you need to have your shoulders elevated on a bench or a box, plate around the hip region, you will then explode up through the hips, moving the plate upwards.


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  • June 30, 2016
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