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Protein Choc-Mud Pudding.

Our Protein Pudding ‘s are here to save your macros, so quick and simple to make that even if you fail at cooking toast you’ll manage to make these awesome sweet cheat puddings in about 90 seconds…

Super high in protein, low in sugar and fat; made with all natural flavours and sweeteners and 100% gluten free, these craving crushers will tick all your little boxes.

Available in gooey choc-mud.

To score 10% of these delicious puddings, use the code “PUD10” at the checkout, get in quick, code lasts until the 24th of April!!

You can purchase the Protein Pudding and the other yummy stuff here:
Protein Pudding Mix
LSA Blend

Its simple;
-Add 2 scoops of milk
-Add 3 scoops of powder
-Mix well
-Sit for 60 seconds
-Microwave for 30 seconds (Depending on microwave)
-Top with whatever toppings you desire, but we like to use greek yogurt, LSA, and cacoa chips.

Song: Rogue – Ultimatum

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  • April 14, 2016
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