Guarana supplement 101


Guarana is one of nature’s most powerful energy boosters and weight loss aids. Let’s look at exactly what guarana is and what you can expect from it in supplement form.

Guarana is a totally natural health food and nutritional aid. It’s actually the Brazilian cocoa plant and, as you can imagine, possesses all the energy boosting, fat metabolising and anti-oxidant powers of a highly concentrated raw cocoa plant extract.

As a supplement, guarana is popular with dieters, healthy eaters, gym goers and bodybuilders because it is such a natural, cost-effective way to boost energy and mental focus, kill cravings, control appetite and lose more body fat. There are no known side-effects and it’s easy to mix in with your existing supplement stack (people often use it alongside green tea supplements, taurine or ginseng). It can be taken at any time of day and is particularly useful in the morning or before workouts because it really does give a natural, but noticeable, energy boost. It’s often listed as an ingredient in those popular fizzy energy drinks for exactly that reason!

It’s much better to take guarana as a standalone supplement or as one ingredient in a pre-workout blend, rather than as part of a highly processed and manufactured energy drink. Not only will you get a higher and more optimal dose of guarana, but you won’t have to ingest all the sugars, sweeteners and other unwanted ingredients (and calories!)

Guarana will give you a good energy boost (like coffee, but stronger and faster), and can also have a good effect on mental focus, concentration and offsetting fatigue. If you’re dieting, it can help you control appetite between meals and ward off cravings.

The 101 on Guarana supplement:

What is Guarana in supplement form?
The powdered extract from the natural guarana plant, which is the Brazilian cocoa plant. Processed with minimal heat so you get a naturally potent supplement.

Why is Guarana different from other fat burners?
It gives an immediate energy boost, sharpens mental focus and can help ignore and beat cravings and hunger.

How to use Guarana as a supplement:
Take guarana extract alone or alongside other natural energy boosters in the morning, or before training.

Why use Guarana supplements:
Better fat-loss, appetite control, mental and physical energy, focus and clarity, weight loss.

Tips for smarter use:
1) Take in the morning or before workouts
2) Don’t exceed 4000mg (4g) daily and don’t take too close to bedtime
3) Combine with green tea supplements for a great pre-workout
4) Look for Guarana extract as an ingredient in your fat burners and pre workout blends

  • January 14, 2015
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