WPC Supplement 101


WPC is probably the most commonly used type of whey protein, and a bit of a “gateway” whey protein, in that most people start off buying WPC.

It’s the type of whey you probably bought when you started lifting (good choice!) Some people might add whey isolate, casein or a whey blend to their stack as they progress. But almost every athlete and bodybuilder still has WPC in their sports supplement cupboard. Why? Because it can be used any time of day and is a very cost-effective way of supplementing with whey protein.

WPC contains around 80% protein and is low in both fats and carbohydrates (although not zero-carb). It’s considered a medium digesting whey protein (whereas casein is slow and isolate is fast). For these reasons, it’s great to have upon waking, before cardio, before training, post-workout and during the day (if it’s tricky to get a solid meal in). It can even be used as a bedtime whey if you don’t have casein to hand. It’s pretty much a one-size-fits-all whey protein. If you only want to buy one type of whey, definitely make it WPC!

Whey concentrate protein powder can even be used for more creative protein adventures such as smoothies, protein baking and savoury protein recopies (obviously you’ll need unflavoured/raw WPC for that).

Here’s the 101 on WPC:

What is WPC?
A multi-use type of whey protein powder, with around 80% protein content and low (yet not zero) fats and carbohydrates. Very good amino acid spectrum. Mixes well.

Health benefits of WPC:
A great way to bump up your protein requirements, whether you’re an athlete/bodybuilder or just a healthy eater who knows the benefits of a higher-protein diet.

How it differs to a whey protein isolate:
Slightly lower protein levels (but still an impressive 80%), and slightly higher in fats, carbs and lactose (yet still minimal levels). Digested and absorbed slightly more slowly than WPI.

How to use WPC:
The great thing about WPC is that it is so flexible. Can be taken in the morning, before or after training, during the day, before bed, or added to snacks like dairy, and even used as an ingredient for homemade protein snacks, desserts and baking.

Why use WPC:
It’s the easiest, most adaptable and flexible type of whey protein powder and really does lend itself to any scenario where you need to get more protein into your diet. Ideal for between meals, before or after training.

Tips for smarter use:
1) Add your creatine, glutamine or leucine powders to whey protein concentrate for faster uptake of these supplements.
2) Blend WPC with ice and water, or frozen fruit/berries and water to make a thicker shake (which verges on ice-cream consistency!)
3) Buy unflavoured WPC for a totally flexible option – you can add it to savoury meals/baking, or add your own flavour drops for sweet protein shakes.
4) Add carbohydrates and dietary fats from a supplement or from whole food to suit your personal macro requirements.
5) Mix into cottage cheese or real Greek yoghurt and top with nut butter and a little dark chocolate for a delicious bedtime snack.

  • January 7, 2015
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