ZMA (zinc, magnesium aspartate) supplement 101

ZMA is a popular recovery tool for hard-working athletes, bodybuilders and gym goers. Find out more about ZMA and exactly why this supplement could boost your recovery for muscle gain.

What’s in your ZMA supplement?
ZMA is actually a combined supplement, containing two very important minerals: zinc, and magnesium (as magnesium aspartate). Both of these minerals are easily depleted from the body, particularly when we train hard, lift weights, or live a stressful lifestyle which places extra demands on our recovery.

ZMA can be used by both men and women, although it’s particularly popular with men who recognise the benefits of taking extra zinc. However, women definitely benefit from using a ZMA supplement. Not only do they find their sleep is enhanced, but report a good hormone balancing effect. ZMA works as a mild, natural testosterone booster and this is true for men and women.

Why are zinc and magnesium important?
All minerals are important for the proper function of our body’s many natural processes, but zinc and magnesium are particularly crucial (and they’re very easy to deplete). Zinc and magnesium, as found in a good ZMA supplement, support restful sleep (during which time our bodies repair and grow), boost athletic performance, and help us spend longer in that all-important anabolic environment. ZMA balances hormones, boosts and supports testosterone, and keeps the body’s mineral levels topped up even when we are dieting in a calorie deficit.

If you feel you need to sleep more (or wake up less), balance your hormones, support your natural test levels, be healthier whilst dieting, and spend more time in an anabolic state, ZMA supplement really is a no-brainer. There’s a reason why it’s a constant in most bodybuilders’ supplement stash. ZMA should probably be one of your core supplements.

The 101 on ZMA supplement
ZMA supplements are a synergistic combination of the minerals zinc and magnesium. We are often deficient in these minerals, especially when training hard and/or dieting to cut body fat. ZMA supplements promote better sleep and more rest, balanced hormones, testosterone support, and healthy immune function. Crucial for bodybuilders, physique athletes and anyone dieting for more muscle mass with less body fat.

Tips for smarter use:
– Take ZMA daily
– Assess your tolerance and consider upping the dosage whilst dieting
– Best taken before bed, although consistent intake it most important
– Use ZMA alongside your other vitamins and minerals as a dietary supplement

  • November 13, 2014
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