Colostrum supplement 101

What exactly is colostrum when taken as a sports supplement, and why is it beneficial to athletes? Find out more about colostrum supplements.

Colostrum is actually a form of milk produced by the pregnant mother just before birth, and is therefore the very first food newborns eat. As you’d imagine, nature has made sure it’s packed with vital nutrition to ensure that the newborn gets the very best start in life. Colostrum (also known as bisnings and first milk) is packed with antibodies and is higher in protein and lower in fat than regular milk.

So how does colostrum relate to sports supplementation?
In recent years, the sports science industry has found a way to harness the amazing nutritional powers of colostrum by turning bovine colostrum into a sports supplement which is easy, safe and very effective for humans to take.

For decades, bodybuilders have known just how useful milk is for muscle gain. We already use by products of the dairy industry as supplements (whey and casein are both milk proteins). Colostrum is an advanced and very exciting development in the supplement industry.

Not only does taking a colostrum supplement help with athletic performance but it actually increases IGF-1 growth factors, a key element in the human body’s ability to gain muscle tissue and size. For this reason, colostrum is an excellent supplement to take if you train for muscle growth (hypertrophy) and particularly if you train hard enough to need help with recovery. If you suffer muscle injuries or simply feel that your recovery is slow between training sessions, the regenerative properties of colostrum will be a massive benefit.

Colostrum supplementation also supports bone health and density, immune health, and general wellbeing so is an excellent choice for anyone interested in healthy living and a better diet.

The 101 on colostrum supplementation: What is colostrum in supplement form?
The “first milk” of dairy cows, produced naturally to give newborn calfs the very best start in life (it is packed with antibodies and protein).

How to use colostrum as a supplement:
Add to your daily supplement stack alongside whole food and protein supplements for extra muscle repair.

Why use colostrum as a supplement:
Extra muscle repair, cell regeneration, harnessing the most potent milk protein nature ever produces.

Tips for smarter use:
1) Look for an IgG0% above 20 in a colostrum supplement, start on a low serve and work up to a full serve
2) Supplement with colostrum if you train hard with weights, struggle to recover fast enough, or suffer muscle injuries
3) Use a quality colostrum supplement for muscle gain, bone density, immune health and athletic performance
4) Use colostrum if you know you respond well to casein, whey protein, milk protein and calcium caseinate


  • November 19, 2014
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