Getting Lean Supplements

What are the best supplements for shedding body fat and getting lean?

Getting leaner is a major goal for most gym goers. Losing body fat is important whether you want to get into a smaller pant size, or will be challenging for titles on a bodybuilding stage!

How To Lose Body Fat

We all know the fundamental rule of fat loss is energy balance: calories in vs calories out. To lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit for as long as it takes. This can be done by eating fewer calories than you energy needs dictate, or by expending more calories than you take in.

Can You Speed Up Fat Loss?

But once you’ve got calorie balance sorted, can you speed up the fat loss process? The great news is there are some supplements which can help you get leaner, stick to your diet easier, and even burn more fat during training. These supplements help you get leaner through one of a few mechanisms, including appetite control, metabolism support, and energy increase.

Fat Loss Supplements That Work

Some nutritional supplements can help you get a little leaner but only if you have your calorie balance in place with diet, training, and NEAT (non exercise energy thermogenesis). Some supplements can support your metabolic rate so you burn more calories doing regular activity. Some ingredients can help you manage appetite and cravings so you feel fuller from food and stick to your diet. And other supplements may help you work harder in training or during cardio so you burn more calories that you would have done.

Fibre supplements can help you stick to your calorie controlled diet. They do this by making you feel fuller, giving you a better sense of satisfaction from meals, and working with the stomach’s stretch receptors. Fibre supplements have additional health benefits too, supporting gut health.

Try: glucommanan or konjac root.

Stimulants can make you feel more alert, focused, and energised meaning you move more during the day. One big risk during a diet phase is down regulation of activity. You feel tired, so you move less. Makes sense, but not much good for burning calories. You need to keep activity levels up and work hard in training. Stimulant type supplements can help you burn more calories.

Try: caffeine, guarana, green tea extract

Thermogenic supplements and ingredients can actually support your body’s own metabolic rate so you burn more calories and get leaner during the day. Thermogenics help the body convert more energy for fuel. It’s best to use these as a pre workout so they can help you work harder and burn more energy training but you could also use these in the early part of the day.

Try: garcinia cambogia, citrus aurantium, CLA.

Remember to use these supplements alongside a healthy calorie controlled diet, training, and everyday activity like walking. When getting leaner it’s important to look to overall health as well as body fat levels. So get lean the right way and have a great looking physique plus a healthy mind and body inside and out!

  • December 4, 2018
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