Bodybuilding And Fitness On A Paleo Diet

Is the Paleo Diet a good choice for strength fitness and muscle gain?

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for the best diet to support their goals. Getting stronger, fitter, and faster means eating well to fuel your body. The Paleo Diet is one of the most natural ways to eat. But is it a good diet for bodybuilding and fitness?

What Is The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet is sometimes called the Caveman Diet, and that explains it pretty well. The idea behind the Paleo Diet is that you only eat things that our caveman ancestors would have eaten. That means meats (especially wild meats and game), fish, nuts, vegetables, leafy greens, berries, and seeds.

This means anything manmade, processed, and packaged has to go.

Paleo Diet For Bodybuilding

To grow muscle and stay strong, the body needs a healthy diet with enough calories to support muscle gain. You need to eat sufficient protein, with a wide range of the amino acids including the essential amino acids and BCAAs. But the body needs more than protein to build muscle, train hard, and stay fit. It also needs healthy fats including omega 3s, and carbohydrate as an energy source.

The Paleo Diet is rich in protein and healthy fats. If you design your Paleo Diet properly, you will naturally eat a variety of foods which will give you a range of amino acids and micronutrients.

Just make sure you are still eating the right amount of calories. Calories are king for muscle gain (and fat loss) no matter what food choices the calories are coming from.

Pros & Cons Of The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is one of the more challenging diets to incorporate into a modern lifestyle, simply because it can be difficult to avoid modern processed foods. But if you can do it, the Paleo Diet has a lot of benefits. Your food will be natural, organic, and close to nature which means plenty of micronutrients. You will get a variety of protein sources (always a good thing) and enough healthy fats. Your plant intake will ensure fibre and minerals. But the one thing you may struggle with is carbohydrate intake. If you do well on a higher carb diet, or if you train with high volume and endurance, you will need to pay close attention to your fruit and veggies intake to ensure enough carbs.

If you are disciplined enough to give the Paleo Diet a proper go, you will probably enjoy a ton of health benefits like better digestive function, better quality sleep, and great energy levels. This diet takes a bit of planning and forethought, but it’s worth the effort. A great choice for anyone who enjoys cooking from scratch and eating super healthy (bonus points if you have a veggie garden!)