Best Post Workout Supplements

Training is over and it’s time to recover – what are the supplements you need to take?

Everyone knows that training adaptation happens during recovery. Training is important. But the time between training sessions is key. What you eat, the supplements you take, and the amount of sleep you get will dictate how your body responds to the training.

5 Things The Body Needs After Training

1. Rest and recovery

After a workout your body will need rest and sleep in order to start the recovery process. Don’t forget that recovery means hormones, digestion, cell turnover and brain activity – not just muscle repair.

2. Water and electrolytes

Hydration is important but don’t forget to keep on top of your electrolyte intake, especially sodium and potassium.

3. Energy (calories)

The recovery process needs energy, and that means calories. Be sure to feed your body with quality fuel after training.

4. Carbohydrate and protein

Carbs and protein are the most important macronutrients in the post-training time period.

5. Replenishment of depleted nutrients

Training can deplete the body of nutrients including electrolytes, amino acids, and magnesium.

Which are the best post workout supplements to take after training to maximise muscle gain, strength, and recovery?

A Complete Protein Source

A complete protein is one that contains all the essential amino acids. In terms of protein powders, this means whey protein or soy protein (hemp protein is also complete but some of the amino acids are present in very small amounts). Protein after training will help muscle tissue repair and rebuild. Choose a complete protein source that can be quickly digested and absorbed, like a whey isolate.


Carbs are important after training because they replenish energy, help protein absorption, and can even boost your immunity in the post-workout time period. A fast acting carbohydrate is ideal after training as it will be digested quickly. Dextrose or maltodextrin is a good choice, or go for good old jelly sweets or gummies!


Timing ins’t super important with creatine, but it’s a good idea to take it after training mostly so you remember! Nutrients and supplements are readily absorbed after training so your creatine will get to muscle cells when they are most receptive.


The 3 branch chain amino acids are important for anabolism – preventing muscle breakdown and promoting muscle gain. Taking them after training will help support muscle protein synthesis and recovery. If your choice of protein powder contains adequate BCAAs then there’s no need to supplement with extra.

Vitamin C

The antioxidant vitamin Vitamin C can be useful to take after training when your immune system could be lower than usual due to the stress of training. Vitamin C is cost effective and easy to take, so add it to your post-workout stack (Vitamin C tablets are probably the easiest way to take it).


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