Bodybuilding Australia 2016 Arnold Classic – 4 Weeks Out


Four Weeks Out.

This week Nath touches base on the importance of stage presence and the art of posing in both male bodybuilding Australia, bikini and figure, giving away a few of his little tips and tricks to get the judges attention.

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Hey guys, so we’re just currently under 5 weeks out, or just over 4 weeks out from the Arnold Classic Australia, which means we’re just under 2 weeks out of the Melbourne Championships. Things are getting crazy now we’re getting real close. So today I’m gonna go through the art of posing, and the importance of posing when you’re on stage and the presence of your bodybuilding posing. We’re gonna go through things like how you’re gonna get the judges attention, things that the judges are looking for through each pose, we’re gonna go through transitions of each pose, and just a few tips and tricks to make you look the best you possibly can on stage. Before that, I’m gonna hit some shoulders, do a bit of a shoulder workout today, then we’ll do some posing after that.

Ok so one of the compulsory poses I’m going to show you guys first is the front delt bicep, now with IFBB there’s a brand new standard in amateur level of bodybuilding, when we do the front delt bicep we’re making sure that both of my biceps are symmetrical, both my elbows are at the same place, we’re making sure I can divide my body in half like this and both sides of my body from left to right side are symmetrical. Now also with the posing there are a few other tricks we have to do with IFBB the compulsory posing and the way we have to construct the movement is we have to make sure one of your legs is slightly spiked out to the side like this, you cant have both legs together like last year, you gotta make sure one of your legs is slightly spiked to the side. Now when I hit my pose, the front delt bicep is one of my better poses so I use it as more of a dramatic pose, you guys need to work around your own bodies and find out what poses best suit you, front delt bicep for me is one of my better poses so I’m very dramatic with how I hit the posing. So what I do when I go up, slow-motion the way up, I flare my lats on the way out so I can show the judges my wide lat spread, and when I get to the top, I make sure my lats are fully spread, then I hit my pose. At the same time, as I’m hitting this pose, what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to make sure I’m pulling my midsection to make my waist nice and tight, and I’m keeping my quads nice and tensed and flaring my quads out, that’s gonna create that nice X shape they’re looking for in IFBB.

One of the second poses I’m going to show you guys is the side tricep, the side tricep is one of my favourite poses I really like, unlike last year again the posing is a little bit different to the side tricep, what we need to do is we need to make sure one leg is planted in front, and one leg is planted behind, now when I’m doing my posing, it comes back to symmetry again, I’m trying to make sure my quad and my hamstring are even. If I can divide a line like this, I want to make sure the amount of muscle on both quad and hamstrings is quite proportionate at the same time gotta make sure your glutes are always squeezed, a lot of the time people do this pose and they let their glutes go. In this pose the idea is to show your body from the side with your tricep and your chest, so what I do is I grab my hand and squeeze my fingers like this, and I squeeze my tricep around, round my shoulder blade backwards, and at the same time I’m making sure I’m tight all the way through the midsection, make sure my glutes are on, and my hamstrings are nice and tense as well. So my whole body is nice and locked, same thing I’m trying to go for, when I’m hitting that pose, I’m turning a little bit like this as well, so I’m trying to get that nice taper like this, and taper down like that

Another one of my favorite poses is the rear delt bicep, I’ll explain to you guys about that first before I turn around and do it, now with the rear delt bicep, you have to have one foot planted at the back, and when you plant that foot you always want to make sure you squeeze your glutes nice and hard. A lot of the time when people hit their rear delt bicep pose, they let go of their glutes. Also you want to make sure that on the way up youre filling your lats out nice and wide which is gonna make your waist look smaller, and the way your legs are situated, is nice and open so that your quads sweep hangs out the side, so it makes your waist appear smaller than it really is. So I’m gonna turn around and show you guys, I draw attention to my glutes like this, make sure my toes are pointing this way so I can get that quad sweep on this side, and on this side, and when I hit that pose, I’m being super dramatic in the movement cause for me this is a good pose. So I push back, bring my lats out, let the judges see my back, and then you lean backwards. Also remembering with posing the transitioning between poses is really important as well, so with your compulsory poses, you go from front delt bicep to a front lat spread to side chest to side bicep you gotta make sure your movements inbetween each pose is really really important as well you don’t just want to look like a robot moving in and out of each movement. Another big thing with posing always make sure your midsection is nice and tight a lot of the guys in posing especially in between transitions when theyre moving from the front to the side, from the side to the rear, their midsection comes out a little bit. I mean I can’t really talk, its happened to me a few times as well, it happens to everyone so you just gotta make sure you keep your midsection nice and tight.

Last pose I’m going to show you guys is the abs and thighs, I like this pose as well cause my quads are quite dominant in my body, so when I hit the pose you always want to set you bottom half up first, before you set your top half up, get into a nice comfortable position, I spike one foot out like this as well so you can create that nice shape like this, quads flaring out, so you can see the flare on both sides, you can see the quad flare like this, and you can see this side the quad flaring out like that as well, and that’s important. When I’m hittig that front pose, I stretch up, to show my lats again, hands at the back of my head, making sure my quads are turned on, and as I’m crunching down, I crunch over, you gotta make sure you breath, a lot of guys don’t breath the air out of their midsection. So really push hard, legs on, and you wanna make sure you breath all the air out of your midsection, to get that nice crisp ab look. Same time thing lower oblique’s, you want to try and suck them up, a lot of guys hit that pose, and their oblique’s hang out the side. In your off season with your training really try and work by activating your oblique’s, but not over training them so actually physically grow, you just want to activate them so when you hit those poses they can suck up nice and tight and they can create that nice shape that we are looking for . Thank you guys for watching, that’s the art of posing, like I said its really important to show the judges what works best for you guys, when I’m doing my posing which I’m not so good at, I’m getting them done nice and quickly, and the poses that I’m better at I’m trying to extend them on for a little bit longer to draw a little bit more attention to me during those poses by doing the dramatic movements between each pose.

As promised from last week I have Kelly and Julia here today for you guys, Kelly does figure and Julia does bikini, both those guys have placed very very high in their shows, they’ve actually both won a show each, I’m gonna show you guys the difference between Kelly, a figure poser, and Julia who does bikini, theyre gonna go through their T-walk and go through some of their quarter turns.

So we got Julia from TFM, shes gonna walk out and show you guys her T-walk. Lets go Julz. First part of Julias T-walk is shes just showing the judges the best part of her body, only takes 10 or so seconds to go through a T-walk. That’s obviously Julias best pose.

So as the second part of Julias routine, she needs to do quarter turns, as Julia is in bikini what the judges are looking for, is their looking for a nice tight tapered waist, we don’t want to see too much muscularity with bikini either, not too much separation through her legs, just a nice shaped body, some nice shaped glutes, and maybe a little bit of shape through her shoulders but not too much, we don’t want to see too much separation, so we’re going to to go through some of julias quarter turns, so Julz walks out, she hits her front pose, what we’re looing in the front pose is a nice tight waist, not too much definition in her shoulder, so shake that shoulder Julz, so we don’t want to see too much lines through her shoulder, we wanna make sure we cant see too much separation through her legs either, quarter turn to the right, with this pose the same thing, we’re looking for a nice tight waist, nice shape through her glutes, looking for proportion through her hamstrings and quads but not too much separation and same thing again nice and soft through her arms and shoulders, with bikini we don’t want to see to much definition, quarter turn to the right, probably one of Julias best poses is her glute pose, so she really puts a lot of emphasis on this pose, as we always do with our best poses, same thing with this pose, obviously proportion and symmetry’s really important with this, balance, we wanna make sure again theres not too much separation through her back. Julias back is probably a little bit too defined and lean for bikini but we’re working on bringing that down a little bit, we wanna make sure the waist is nice and tight, her glutes are popping out, we don’t want to make sure her quads are flaring too much either so, we have a few things to work on but shes doing pretty good, last one quarter turn to your right, same as the other quarter turn but we’re basically just showing the other side, we wanna make sure the waist is nice and tight, shake that shoulder julz, we don’t want to see too much definition through her shoulders, and same thing with her legs, and that’s bikini, thanks Julz.

Ok we got Kelly from TFM, lets go Kel, Kellys going to do her T-walk but Kelly does figure, its pretty much the exact same thing as bikini, so they just walk out and show the best parts of their pose, So we cut the body in half and you want to see more of the shoulders capping out, see a little but more separation through her legs, not too much they only want to see a little bit, we also want to make sure the waist is nice and tight as well. So shes just going through her best poses, showing the judges the best parts of her body, and you can see with figure her backs a little bit more defined her shoulders cap out a little bit more, her quads are a little bit bigger, hamstrings are a little bit bigger than bikini as well a little bit more separated, last quarter turn, and there you go that’s it.

Thank you guys for watching If any of you guys have any issues with posing, or want to learn more about the art of posing, be sure to hit me up, TFM has a massive league of competitors from bikini, to figure, to male bodybuilding, to absolutely everything , so hit me up on facebook and ill point you guys in the right direction, also don’t forget you guys can download my on season and off season diet in the link below, for free, it’s a really good diet so check that out, next week we’re going to be talking about the peak week protocol leading into Melbourne championships, its gonna be really awesome, I’m gonna be talking to you guys about the sodium depleting , the water depleting, the water loading, and all the stages we go to leading up to the Melbourne Championships. Here we are, we are 4 weeks out of the Arnold Classic Australia and we are just two weeks out of Melbourne Championships, I’ll see you guys next week. “

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