CLA supplement 101


In the spotlight today is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a popular supplement used by bodybuilders particularly when dieting.

The supplement commonly known as CLA has the full name Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Although it’s actually a fat (and counted as fat macros in your daily nutritional round-up), it’s often used as a fat loss aid, even by bodybuilders dieting down to very low levels of body fat. CLA is an essential fatty acid which helps retain muscle mass and lower body fat even when training hard, performing cardio, and creating a calorie deficit through a cutting diet.
It may seem counter intuitive to prioritise a fat supplement when you’re trying to lose fat, but many very successful bodybuilders and physique athletes will keep their CLA supplements in, preferring to remove other sources of calories if it means they can still keep taking CLA. The fact is, a CLA capsule only contributes 10 calories and around 1g fat to your daily macros (most people will take between 2 and 6 capsules daily) yet the benefits are massive.

CLA supplements are anti catabolic, protecting muscle tissue from damage when the body is under stress from diet, training, contest prep or cardio. It’s also a valuable anti oxidant, helping boost all round health and immunity.

CLA is a completely natural supplement, found in foods such as red meat and some dairy, but it’s difficult to get optimal levels of CLA from food alone (and, of course, trying to do so comes with a heavy caloric price to pay). Supplementing with CLA capsules is therefore a low-calorie, measurable way of getting this very important supplement into your daily diet.

The 101 on CLA (conjugated linoleum acid) supplement:

What is CLA as a supplement?
It’s an essential fatty acid, found naturally in red meat, which is highly anti catabolic, protecting lean mass and even encouraging your body to release body fat. Perfect for dieting down to lower body fat levels.

How does CLA differ from other essential fats?
It has been shown to be extremely effective at helping lower body fat levels (more so than pharmaceutical compounds).

How to use CLA as a supplement
Take upwards of 2 capsules a day, at any time of day. Take consistently and expect results within 8 weeks. Why use a CLA supplements: Protect lean muscle mass, lose more body fat, benefit from the powerful anti oxidant characteristics of CLA.

Tips for smarter use:
1) Work out how much of your fat macro split you can devote to CLA so you can take optimal levels
2) If you take more than one dose, space it out throughout the day
3) Take for at least 8 weeks before expecting to see results
4) Keep your CLA supplement (in capsule form) in the fridge

  • December 18, 2014
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