Quick and easy ways to supercharge your protein smoothie / shake

There’s so much more to protein-packed nutritious shakes and smoothies than protein powder and oats. Here’s a few ways to supercharge your workout nutrition which are quick and easy.

Make a meal of it
Turn your smoothie into a full meal by upping the calories and macros and adding in carbs, whole foods, dairy and even frozen veggies. Yes, really!
Here’s a recipe to try:
– 50g superfine oats scoop (or more – to fit your macros)
– Whey protein or pea protein
– 100g Greek yoghurt, quark or cottage cheese
– A handful ice
– A couple cubes of frozen spinach
– Water (to your desired consistency)

Blend blend blend, then top your smoothie with LSA blend (a fantastic blend of omega fats), a teaspoon shredded coconut, and a teaspoon whole oats.

Choose your carbs
Sometimes we need more from a protein shake than just a quick hit of post-workout protein. When your shake needs to contain carbohydrates, why not think outside the box? Superfine oats are a great go-to carb source and mix well into whey and water. But you could also try waxy maize starch, maltodextrin or dextrose for a fast acting carbohydrate which will digest quickly and easily straight after training. Recovery starts here!

Boost with superfoods
Smoothies and shakes are the ideal time to introduce superfood powders into your nutrition regime. Your body, blood stream and muscles are primed to absorb the nutrients, and powdered superfoods and antioxidants mix easily with whey protein and water. They also add a subtle flavour to your shake.
– Maca powder: great with vanilla, chocolate or caramel flavoured protein powders
– Acai berry: great with vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and banana flavoured protein
– Supergreen blend: great with vanilla protein but also surprisingly good with chocolate flavoured protein powders – try it! Just add the required serving size (usually 5-10g) superfood powder with your shake or smoothie.

Healthy fats the smart way
If you’re having a smoothie as a mid-day snack or as your final meal of the day, adding some healthy fats will not only boost hormone health but will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Try adding LSA blend or flaxseed powder to your smoothie (or sprinkling it on top), mixing MCT (medium chain triglycerides) in, or even using peanut protein powder as part of your recipe.

Veggie power
When you think about smoothies, chances are you turn to sweet recipes and ingredients. Why not supercharge your smoothie with veggies? This is a great way to add volume to your smoothie, up the nutritional profile and get valuable micronutrients into your diet. Yep, your smoothie will look a little greener… but we promise it will taste great! To your basic smoothie recipe (water, ice, protein powder and superfine oats), add one or more of the following and blend well:
– Frozen spinach chunks
– Kale (with the hard stem removed)
– Romaine lettuce
– Peeled courgette/zucchini

Protein fluff
Master the art of making protein fluff and take your smoothies to the next level.

Here’s the basic recipe – where you take it from here is up to you!
– Mix 150g frozen berries (your choice – we love raspberries) and a splash of milk, almond milk or cartoned coconut milk
– Mash the mixture with a fork Use a hand mixer (on the slowest setting) to mix the combination until it’s smooth
– Add a scoop of whey protein powder (or your choice of vegan protein powder)
– Mix again with the hand mixer on a high setting
– Mix for 3-5 minutes until the mixture fluffs up

That’s it – so simple but a great way to turn smoothie ingredients into a high-volume, hunger-busting diet saviour!

Smoothie tips and tricks
Finally, here are a few insider tips and tricks which will take your smoothies to the next level.
– Add a small pinch of xantham gum to smoothies along with ice cubes to thicken the mixture and give better mouthfeel
– Mix in a teaspoon of psyllium husk for extra fibre, thickness and healthy fats
– Bought too many bananas? Don’t leave them to turn brown – peel and slice them, pop the slices in a bag in the freezer, and add a handful to smoothies
– Keep bags of your favourite leafy greens in the freezer as a useful, nutritious smoothie ingredient all year round

  • October 29, 2014
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