Protein Pow Date Protein Pancakes


By Anna Sward of Protein Pow

Who doesn’t love a warm and delicious batch of freshly made protein pow pancakes?

Packed as they are with nutrition, fiber, and protein, they represent one of the best pre-workout breakfasts out there. Another thing protein pancakes have going for them is that they’re easy to make, versatile, and you can top them with all sorts of delicious ingredients to make them fit your macros and cater to your taste buds. Also, if you’re having breakfast with family or friends, you can make a batch of protein pancakes and show off your pancake-flipping skills!
2 tbsp cashew or peanut butter
¼ cup Bulk Powders Vanilla Whey Protein Concentrate or Whey Protein Isolate
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup liquid egg whites
3 tbsp cooked sweet potato or pumpkin pure
3 tbsp dates

1. Whisk all the above ingredients together.
2. Fry up the batter on a nonstick pan further nonsticked with some coconut oil or low-calorie cooking spray (I suggest you make them small so they’re easier to flip).
3. Top with syrup, a bit more of the dates, fruit, nut butter and/or bacon!

Macros per serving (out of two): 339kcals, 25g protein, 37g carbs and 10g fat

If you’d like to bring down your carb grams, leave out the dates and sub 1/3 of the oats for almond flour. If you’d like to up your protein pancakes’ protein content, add some protein fluff on top!

  • October 8, 2014
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