Why is Creapure the best creatine monohydrate?

You probably already know that creatine is one of the most widely-used supplements in strength and power sports. But what is the best form?

Let’s look at Creapure, the finest creatine monohydrate on the supplement scene today.

First of all, what is creatine and why is it so popular with bodybuilders, gym goers, strength athletes and power athletes? Creatine has been thoroughly researched and is found to have performance enhancing effects for anyone involved in power, strength and muscle building training. It can improve strength and endurance up to 15%, interval training up to 20% and power in sprints up to 30%.

works by increasing the body’s concentration of phosphocreatine which can be used as reserves for ATP during intense exercise. Creatine reduces muscle pH during exercise. It gives us a far greater capacity for training than when we don’t take it. And it’s been shown to increase muscle mass at a cell level.

So why Creapure rather than any old form of creatine? After all, if it’s a natural compound (which it is) surely any creatine is equal? Definitely not! Creatine supplements are widely available and very cost effective, but that doesn’t mean you get the same quality for your money. You really should buy a Creapure form of creatine monohydrate if you want to get all the muscle mass building, power enhancing, recovery boosting effects of creatine supplementation.

Creapure is actually a brand of creatine monohydrate, manufactured in Germany, so it’s easy to spot whether or not your creatine is “Creapure”. When you see the Creapure name, you know you’re getting the very finest creatine your money can buy, and you know that every single gram of every single dose will be of the highest quality. Creapure use the best raw materials, have market leading technology which they use to process it, and apply a precise set of process to their formulas (as you’d expect from the Germans). It’s the safest, most effective, most trusted form of a very widely used sport supplement.

Supplementing with creatine monohydrate is a no-brainer if you want more muscle, more power, more strength and better recovery. And, once you’ve made that decision, it makes total sense to commit to using Creapure. Don’t cut corners!

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