Protein Powder – Why choose raw & unflavoured?

With so many delicious flavours of whey protein powder available, why would anyone choose to use raw, unflavoured natural protein powder?

Lots of reasons, actually. Here are just a few!

Create your own flavoured shakes and smoothies
Using unflavoured whey protein powder allows you to call the shots when it comes to flavouring breakfast smoothies, post-workout protein shakes, daytime snacks and that final meal before bed (unflavoured micellar casein is a great choice here). Add flavour with cocoa powder, spices like cinnamon, or tailor-made flavouring systems like liquid flavour drops made from Sucralose or Stevia. There’s no end to the flavours you can create when you start off with unflavoured protein powder.

Add to savoury dishes
Raw, unflavoured pea protein powder is particularly good for adding to savoury meals to bump up the levels of protein or to thicken some dishes. Try stirring a scoop into homemade soup, adding to omelettes or frittatas, or stirring into a stir-fry or pasta sauce. Pea protein is very absorbent, but doesn’t clump, so acts as a great thickener, almost like flour but with completely different macros of course!

Or create savoury protein recipes!
Unflavoured pea protein and brown rice protein are great store-cupboard staples for creating your own protein recipes. They’re brilliant for protein pizza bases, savoury protein breads and protein wraps. Get creative (usually all you need is liquid egg whites, whole eggs, psyllium husk, fine oats and seasoning – as well as your unflavoured protein powder of course).

Can’t commit to a flavour?
Unflavoured whey protein and other raw, natural protein powders are ideal for the less committed amongst you! Don’t want to pledge your loyalty to strawberry? Vanilla a bit too…. vanilla for your taste? Even chocolate can get boring (so we hear, anyway). So why not purchase unflavoured whey protein instead, and use liquid flavour drops, or spices, fruits and berries to create your own flavour every single time you make a protein shake?

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