Pre-workouts – Build your own natural solutions!

Maybe you over-slept, perhaps it’s leg day, or could be you just need an extra boost. You don’t need to rely on ready-made pre-workout powders. Try these awesome, all-natural pre-workout boost options.

Quick and simple: coffee!
A cup of coffee is the quickest and simplest way to boost your energy levels before a workout. But before you reach for the sugar and cream, hold on. There’s only one kind of coffee you should have before training, and that’s a short black. Espresso (or double espresso if you’re really flagging!) with no milk, no cream and no sugar. Use great-quality coffee and you shouldn’t need to add anything. Just knock it back and get out of the door.

Herbal caffeine extracts
Coffee isn’t the only way to get a caffeine boost. There are a few great, all-natural supplements you could try to give your system a boost whilst you also benefit from the many health benefits of natural energy supplements. Green tea is a must, with powerful anti-oxidant benefits and a strong energy kick. Guarana is another great natural energy boost to try as a pre-workout. It’s herbal and plant based but pretty powerful, giving sustained energy and focus without a crash.

Make your own pre-workout drink
If you want something to sip on during the drive to the gym, or during your workout, why not make your own pre-workout or intra-workout drink.
Here’s a great stack to try:
– a blend of raw amino acids to cover your amino bases (either EAAs or BCAAs)
– l-arginine or citrulline malate for cell volumisation and a great pump
– ALCAR, tyrosine, beta alanine or taurine for mental focus and energy
– electrolytes

All of which are available from Bulk Powders Australia.

Pay attention to dosage (follow the instructions on each individual supplement’s packaging) and use a sensitive kitchen scale or small scoop to ensure you don’t over do it. Add natural flavour drops (Stevia) for a little flavour, and mix with cold water and a little ice for a refreshing pre-workout drink.

Carbohydrate supplements
Using carbohydrate supplements (such as maltodextrin or dextrose) in your pre-workout shake do more than just supply extra energy in the form of the calories which come with carbohydrate intake. Carbs encourage the production of insulin, which in turn helps other macro and micro nutrients be transported and absorbed by the body. So (if your macros allow), add some carbs to your pre-workout drink to make the other ingredients even more effective.

What’s on your playlist? If you need a mental boost, pay attention to what’s coming out of your headphones. Your choice of music for the drive to the gym, whilst warming up, and during training will massively affect your focus, drive and energy levels. Even if you were dragging during the day, put on some heavy rock, hard house, dance or rap and you’ll soon be full of fire. Switch beast mode on as soon as you hit play.

  • June 19, 2014
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