How Tribulus Terrestris is used to naturally increase your testosterone.

This one’s for the guys: Let’s talk Tribulus Terrestris.

Tribulus Terrestris is powerful supplement if you want to naturally increase testosterone levels. But it’s important to know what you’re buying if you want to harness the anabolic potential of trib. Read on to find out how.

There are plenty of reasons why guys might be looking for a natural supplement to boost testosterone. The ageing process can leave our muscles (and our libido!) struggling but, regardless of age, who doesn’t want to maximise the amount of that important hormone? Most guys would love to have more testosterone, and this is particularly true for men who lift weights. More testosterone means more focus, more power, and more muscle mass.

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most popular natural testosterone booster out there. Like most supplements, there are good versions and bad versions, so it’s really important to understand what to look for. After all, when you take a testosterone boosting supplement, you want it to work fast!

So, what is Tribulus Terrestris?
It’s a plant originally used in Ayurvedic medicine, with the roots and fruits being prized for virility, libido and healthy organ function. It is a type of adaptogen which has been shown to enhance the amount of androgen receptors in the brain. You might also find it referred to as puncturevine, protodioscin or simply trib.

The problem some guys have found with trib supplements is that they just aren’t effective and don’t match up to the claims in the marketing blurb. This is usually down to the levels of protodioscin and total saponin values in the product. Bodybuilders taking tribulus need to start by looking at the levels of that most important steroidal saponin, protodioscin. To understand how to find the most effective tribulus supplement (and how to spot a fake!), check the percentages and levels of steroidal saponins, of which the most important is protodioscin (the main bioactive element of tribulus root).

Get the dosage right, and Tribulus Terrestris will be your best buddy (in the gym and elsewhere!) It can be one of the most anabolic natural supplements you’ll take. But get it wrong, and you’ll just be wasting your cash. Your Tribulus Terrestris supplement needs to have at least 60% protodioscin per dosage if you want to see and feel almost immediate effects. This will be shown either as a % or as a ratio (60:1). At these levels, you’ll get a libido boost and that recognisable testo-buzz which shows you’ve chosen a real, effective Tribulus Terrestris supplement.

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