Best protein powder for women who want to be athletic but feminine

There are folk who say women just need the same sports supplements as men, but you and we both know that there are plenty of differences. Here are the best supplements for women who want to be healthy, lean and feminine.

Why would women and men need the same healthy living and sports supplements when their bodies, hormones, mindset and fitness goals are so different?

It makes no sense. That’s why the most clued-up female athletes, team sports players and fitness models use their own favourite mix of sports supplements. And smart women in the gym, on the road and in the yoga studio no doubt have their own special stash of healthy living supplements, too, which support their fitness goals whilst recognising that they are 100% female!

Here are 5 of the most effective and popular supplements for women who work out and want to look good.

Lean protein powder
Women usually have less lean body mass (by weight) than men, so they need fewer calories in order to maintain weight. If they want to lose weight, of course they need even less of a calorie intake. But protein is really important for women. The best protein powder for women will be high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and contain a little essential dietary fat (fatty acids). Look for useful extra ingredients will will boost weight loss and promote wellbeing: green tea extract, CLA and l-carnitine.

Natural fat burners (thermogenics)
Men have it easy when it comes to weight loss. Women need a little extra help sometimes. Nature offers some powerfully effective but safe and gentle fat burners (thermogenics) which can be a useful supplement for women who want to get a bit leaner. Try caffeine, green tea extract, guarana or ginseng.

Green tea extract
This one gets an individual mention, because it has benefits which go far beyond fat loss and appetite control. A quality, high dose green tea supplement is fantastic for women, whether you are involved in sport, want to lose weight or just want a daily healthy living supplement. Green tea as an extract helps you get much higher doses of the active ingredients as compared to just drinking it as a cup of tea. It’s the catechins in green tea which are so beneficial to heart health, weight loss and general wellbeing.

Essential fatty acids supplements (omega oils or fish oils)
Dietary fat won’t make you fat (unless you simply eat too much of it) but it is absolutely crucial, particularly for women. This is because healthy essential fats support proper hormone function, helping you lose and maintain weight, hang on to lean body mass, and stay happy and balanced even as you go through the sometimes tricky ageing process. EFA supplements, like fish oils and omega 3 capsules, are invaluable for women.

Amino acids supplements (or BCAAs)
Protein is important for women who want to be lean, athletic and healthy, but did you know that amino acids are at the heart of protein? They are the building blocks of protein itself, and the aspect of protein which helps you build and maintain sexy lean muscle whilst shedding any excess body fat. You can supplement with amino acids (three of the most important ones are usually combined and called BCAAs – branched chain amino acids) in capsule form or as a powder, which can be mixed with water for a fruity refreshing drink

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