Why you might need to consider Aromatase Inhibitor supplements

You love training and you’re totally dedicated to your goals of gaining muscle, losing body fat and getting bigger. You spend hours in the gym (and wish you could be there more) and you’ve even got your nutrition dialled in.

Nothing can stop you, right?

Not so fast. There’s one very important thing you absolutely must be aware of if you want to avoid one common pitfall. Aromatisation.

What is aromatisation, and why do guys in the gym need to control it?

Aromatisation refers to the conversion of hormones in the body. You already know that it’s important to maximise key anabolic hormones, including testosterone, if your goal is muscle size. Estrogen is often called the “female hormone” but everyone – male and female – carries some levels of estrogen in the body. What’s important for male bodybuilders is controlling estrogen levels and preventing the aromatisation of androgens into estrogens. You need to be aware of the risks of aromatisation before they happen. Gynecomastia, unwanted water retention, and female patterns of body fat deposits are all signs of aromatisation in male bodybuilders and it’s pretty obvious that no male bodybuilder or serious gym-goer wants any signs of them on his hard-working body. Aside from fat gain and a watery look, excess estrogen in the body can affect your mood, your mental focus and even your ability to actually gain new muscle mass. No-one wants to go to the gym feeling flat, emotionless and tired. You want to be fired up, focused, ready to smash each workout hard with the satisfaction of knowing your body will respond like a man.

So what can you do to prevent or reverse aromatisation?

There’s plenty you can do in terms of diet and training, lifestyle and supplements, to minimise the chances of low testosterone and excess estrogen. Luckily, lifting heavy naturally boosts HGH and testosterone. Sleep and stress-control is anabolic. And eating a good diet of lean protein, green veggies (or a greens powder), healthy fats and complex carbohydrates will all help. You could also add natural anabolic supplements to your bodybuilding stack: D Aspartic Acid and DIM (diindolylmethan) are two secret weapons for many amateur and competitive bodybuilders.

But if you’ve tried everything and still notice estrogenic effects on your body, aromatase inhibitors can be the missing piece in the puzzle.

Aromatase inhibitor supplements are powerful anti-estrogens and can be your new best friend in the battle against hormone aromatisation. These clever bodybuilding supplements actually mimic testosterone, binding to the same site on the aromatase enzyme. They carry out a lot of useful anabolic characteristics, too, blocking your precious testosterone from binding to aromatase and minimising the amount which is converted to estrogen.

If you decide to use an aromatase inhibitor compound, it’s important to choose quality ingredients and a powerful, safe formula. And don’t forget to use it as part of a focused training and diet plan, because there’s a lot you can do to stay one step ahead of aromatisation.

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