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Superfine Oats

Superfine Oats

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  • Pure superfine oat supplement

  • Sustained carbohydrate energy

  • Maintains energy systems

  • Great addition to any shake

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Superfine Oats overview

Superfine oats harness all the healthy benefits of regular raw oats but come in a fine, powdered form, making them ideal for adding to protein shakes or for cooking super-fast.

Combined with protein in a post-workout shake, our superfine oats provide an excellent source of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen and deliver a blood sugar spike in the delicate post-workout window. Used at any time of the day, for porridge, as a mix-in or topping for dairy, or as a store cupboard ingredient for sweet and savoury recipes, superfine oats are a convenient and adaptable low GI carbohydrate.

Like all oats, superfine oats have been shown to help with digestion, encourage good gut health, reduce cholesterol, provide important soluble fibre and stabilise blood sugar levels. They help you feel fuller for longer and are an excellent choice for post-workout nutrition, delivering energy (from carbohydrates) and helping to spike blood sugar, creating a powerful muscle development window for optimum nutrition. Low on the glycemic index (GI), high in healthy fibre and packed with health benefits, natural, raw superfine oats are simply our best quality rolled oats ground to a finer powder.

Bodybuilders, athletes and healthy living fans like our superfine oats for all the health benefits of raw oats but with a faster cooking time and a wider scope of uses.

Our superfine oats are made from quality Australian Oats milled down to a fine powder. The manufacturing process keeps the entire nutritional value of normal rolled oats. Superfine oats can be used in the same way as rolled oats, added to liquid (including protein shakes) and even as a substitute for common flour in recipes.

Superfine Oats benefits

Low GI carbohydrates, soluble fibre, multi-use ingredient, whole food, post-workout nutrition, oat powder

Oats are loved by sports people and healthy eaters as a healthy whole food source of carbohydrates, fibre and a small amount of healthy fats. Superfine oats are an excellent choice of athletes and gym goers, and a useful store cupboard ingredient for anyone interested in healthier cooking and baking. Our superfine oats - also known as oat flour - are a cost-effective way of buying larger amounts of best quality certified Australian oats. Ideal as a store cupboard item or to use every day as part of your sports nutrition diet.

Superfine Oats dosage and suggested use

Superfine oats can be used for a quick-cook porridge option or added raw to protein shakes for a carbohydrate component. They can be used as a handy ingredient in sweet and savoury recipes, as a topping for snacks, as a coating for items which would normally be breaded, and as a healthier swap for flour in recipes. As a dietary supplement, mix 40g with 250 ml of water or milk and cook as porridge. Alternatively add superfine oats to your protein shakes. 2 x flat 30ml scoops provide an estimated 40g serving. Scoop is included in package.

Summary:So much better than normal oats!
Stack well with:dextrose, whey iso, waixy maize
I like to use them with my breakfast shake and post workout. So much better than normal oats!
Review by Eddles (Posted on 2/05/2016)
Stack well with:Protein
fantastic addition to post workout shake. Easily mixes with my WPI protein with no lumps...
Review by vozi77 (Posted on 20/10/2015)
Summary:Superfine indeed
Stack well with:whey concentrate raw
Easy to slam down in a shake. One of the best sources for healthy carbs.
Review by Brandon (Posted on 5/05/2015)
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