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Protein Balls

Protein Balls

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  • High protein Low Carb

  • Gluten free

  • Great for when on the go

  • Tastes Amazeballs

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Energy (kj) 397 kj 2409 kj
Energy (cal) 95 cal 575 cal
Protein 9.3 g 56.4 g
Carbohydrates Total 2.4 g 14.5 g
Dietary Fibre 3.3 g 20.3 g
Fat Total 6.0 g 36.4 g
Sodium 32.6 mg 197 mg


Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein, Pea Protein, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Flaxseed, Coconut, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Cocoa, Glucose Syrup, Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Dipotassium phosphate (E340ii), Tricalcium phosphate (E341iii). Contains; dairy products include lactose, traces of soy lecithin.


Nuts, Seeds.

Customer Reviews

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Protein Balls Overview

Protein Balls or Bliss Balls are always a massive hit with the lifter, the fit and the healthy alike; Super convenient for a protein hit on the run or as a sweet treat whilst on a tight Marco/Calorie count, they not only kill a craving, they’re super healthy for you as well.

However, having all the ingredients on hand to achieve the perfect “high protein” ball with a complete nutritional profile can be very inconvenient; so we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Our Protein Ball Mix is low in sugar and super high in protein containing a whopping 56%, they’re loaded with only quality fats from almonds, hazelnut, flaxseed, coconut and cocoa.

Made using all natural ingredients, flavours and sweeteners; these awesome treats are not only guilt free they’re also 100% gluten free, ticking all the boxes.

It’s as simple as Scoop. Mix. Roll. Freeze & Enjoy!

Mixing Directions By Hand

First add 3 x flat 30ml scoops of Protein Ball Mix to a bowl; next add only 3 x 5ml scoops of water (do not over wet the mixture). Using the back of a table spoon press and massage the mixture into a large clump (be extra patient when mixing this way). Next using your hands form, press and roll into 3 Protein Balls. Allow to set in the freezer or fridge for 20+ minutes and enjoy (consume within 4 days).

Mixing Directions Using Small Kitchen Food Processor

First add 9 x flat 30ml scoops of Protein Ball Mix to the mixer; next add only 9 x 5ml scoops of water (do not over wet the mixture). Mix until the dry mixture fully changes into a darkened chocolate colour and starts to clump. Next using your hands form, press and roll into 9 Protein Balls. Allow to set in the freezer or fridge for 20+ minutes and enjoy (consume within 4 days).

Like Your Protein Balls Extra Sweet?

If using a small kitchen food processor; try adding a few medjool dates or dried apricots and enjoy the extra natural flavour (if it fits your Macros).

Our Tips

The ideal texture to achieve the perfect Protein Ball means the mixture can easily be moulded into balls without displaying surface cracks or without sticking to your hands.  Cracks in the balls surface means your mixture needs more mixing or moisture added, whereas if the balls are sticking to your hands there’s too much moisture in the mixture. When this happens, allow the mix to sit for 10 minutes, remix and try again. If that fails try adding in something dry such as coconut or oat flour.

Summary: Tasty and nutritious
Stack well with: Organic super greens
These protein balls are super easy to mix and take less than 5 mins to prepare. I liked the taste (not too sweet) and the texture was smooth. I added ground mixed nuts to this for an extra boost of energy. Easy to shape into balls, you decide the size you love! Fantastic before or after a training session. I got these at half price which is awesome. Great value for the special price. I would recommend these, low in sugar and carbs and high in protein. Yummy!
Review by Elizabeth (Posted on 21/03/2021)
Summary: Taste great
Stack well with: desiccated coconut
These mix really well and taste great. It really hits the spot when I am craving something sweet without tipping my calories for the day
Review by tara (Posted on 17/12/2018)
Summary: Perfect snack
Stack well with: PROTEIN PANCAKES
Tasty and super easy to fix for inbetween gym sessions or for when you get hungry inbetween meals or during long work hours. It's hard not to eat them all though. They fill you up well and the flavour is natural and sweet but not too sweet.
Review by AILA (Posted on 30/11/2018)
Summary: Brilliant Product!!
Stack well with: On its own
Great product! Tastes awesome. Very easy to mix up and handy to take for after the gym or even a snack between meals. Just wish it came in a bigger pack size!
Review by Matthew (Posted on 3/08/2017)
Summary: Just Awrsome
Stack well with: A Coffee
I love these balls and I’ve been waiting for something like this these to come out. Hands down the highest protein content I ever seen for a Protein Ball. I used to pay $3.50 at the gym for something similar but not as clean in the macros area. I wish I could kiss you BP these are just delicious. XX
Review by Emma (Posted on 12/11/2015)
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