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Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein

3 Review(s)
  • Protein: 80% Fat: 1.5% Carb: 3%

  • Slow digestion

  • Medium high lactose levels

  • Breakfast or night shake

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Micellar Casein overview

Micellar Casein, also known as casein protein, milk protein concentrate, MPC, milk protein isolate, MPI.

Micellar Casein is created using best quality skim milk which is ultra-filtered to produce a blend of casein and whey. The production of Micellar Casein protein separates the whey protein from the casein protein in the milk and results in a protein powder which is 80% casein and 20% whey.

This 80/20 blend of casein and whey proteins make milk protein casein powder an excellent choice of protein powder for between meals or before bed. The combination of proteins result in a slow, steady release of amino acids and nutrients into the bloodstream over a period of many hours. You will find that milk protein casein keeps you feeling fuller for longer than other whey protein powders. Combined with some fats it makes a very slow-release protein option and is a popular choice as the final meal for bodybuilders.

Our Micellar Casein powder is made using only the latest ultra-low heat treatment techniques so the protein does not denature during production. As a result, our milk protein casein retains an excellent amino acid profile to ensure optimum nutrition for your muscles.

We have made our Micellar Casein powder available to you in naturally unflavoured (ideal for flavouring with our natural sweetener flavouring systems), or in chocolate or vanilla flavours. Available in 1kg, 2.5kg or a huge 4.5kg option, this represents a cost-effective way of feeding your body high quality slow release protein supplementation.


Micellar Casein benefits

Slow-release protein, 80/20 blend of casein and whey, high amino acid profile.

Micellar Casein powder releases protein slowly over a number of hours. This is a slow-digesting protein which can maintain a positive anabolic environment for up to six hours. It mixes well and can be used as a shake, a thick pudding or even as a homemade frozen ice-cream dessert, making this the best protein powder for a snack before bed.


Micellar Casein dosage and suggested use

As a dietary supplement, mix 40g-60g with 300ml-450ml water or milk for a shake. Add less water for a thicker pudding consistency or mix with ice for a casein ice-cream. 3 x flat 30ml scoops provide an estimated 40g and 4.5 x flat 30ml scoops provide an estimated 60g. Scoop is included in the package.

Summary:Perfect night time shake
Stack well with:Whey Protein Concentrate
The chocolate casein tastes awesome and I always look forward to taking it as my night time shake.
After a hard session at the gym I know that I am getting a steady stream of nutrients throughout the night
Review by Phil (Posted on 31/01/2017)
Summary:Keeps me full and tastes awesome
Stack well with:Creatine
I was (still am) on a weight loss plan where I eat only 1 green salad per day. The only reason I haven't killed anyone of hunger is this product here. Tastes really good, mixes real quick and best of all, keeps me full for 2-3 hours.!
Review by Sagar (Posted on 29/07/2016)
Summary:Great Casein
Stack well with:Wpc
Great product! Tastes amazing, mixes perfectly! Absolutely love it!
Review by James (Posted on 12/06/2015)
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