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L Lysine HCL

L Lysine HCL

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  • Pure L Lysine HCL supplement

  • Improves absorption of calcium

  • Maintains bone density strength

  • Enhances nitrogen levels

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Energy (kj) 17 kj 1675 kj
Energy (cal) 4 cal 400 cal
Protein 1.0 g 100.0 g
Carbohydrates Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Fat Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Sodium 0.0 mg 0.0 mg


100% Pure L-Lysine HCL

Customer Reviews

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L Lysine HCL overview

L-lysine is an essential amino acid which cannot be produced by the body unless we supplement with it via whole food or a quality, measurable l-lysine supplement. Lysine is critically important for the formation of muscle and the protection of existing lean mass.

If you want to development muscle size, thickness, or density, you should look to lysine supplementation as a key part of your bodybuilding nutrition strategy. This amino acid help the body produce the nutrient carnitine, which assists in the body's use of fatty acids for energy. Lysine also helps the body hang on to calcium stores, reducing the amount we excrete through urine and increasing the amounts we can absorb from food and supplements. Calcium is very important for bone health and density, forming a solid basis for physique sports and protecting our posture and athletic health as we age.

Another way in which lysine protects the bones is by helping to form collagen, a key substance in skin, connective tissue (ligaments, tendons and cartilage) and the bones themselves.

Lysine is an all-round useful amino acid for skin, bones, connective tissue and lean muscle mass and should be the mainstay of your sport supplement stack if you participate in weight training, strength or power sports.

Signs of lysine deficiency are fatigue, dizziness, slow muscle development, poor recovery and anemia. Don't wait until you suffer one or more of these signs, supplement with a quality l-lysine powder daily to protect your body from the bones outward. 

L Lysine HCL benefits

Bone health, connective tissue, collagen, muscle gain, lean tissue protection.

Lysine is an essential amino acid which the body needs from food or supplements as it cannot create it otherwise. Lysine is important for anyone involved in sport and strength training because of its many benefits to bones, skin, connective tissue and muscle size. It helps in the formation of collagen, promotes the retention of calcium, and increases the rate of recovery between training sessions. 

L Lysine HCL Suggested use

As a dietary supplement, mix 1g lysine with 50ml of water or non acidic juice (grapefruit juice) and drink 1 to 2 times daily or as required. 1 flat 1.5ml scoop provides an estimated 1g serving. Scoop included in package.

Summary: Collagen Benefits
Stack well with: MSM
I got this for it's collagen benefit, and for healthy bones. I have no aches and pains so I'm guessing it is doing its job.
Review by Rod (Posted on 31/05/2022)
Summary: great product for
Stack well with: Protein shake
I bought this for both myself and my partner for the benefits of muscle formation and benefits to skin, bone tendons etc. I used to take the tablets but these powders are so easy to add to a protein shake and much more affordable.
Review by Craig (Posted on 12/11/2018)
Summary: Great taste love the texture and consistency
Stack well with: none
Great taste and mixes well...my staple can't live without it! Great price too thumbs up! Happy repeat customer
Review by Riz (Posted on 27/10/2018)
Summary: So good
Stack well with: BP Brown rice protein
Was skeptical at first but now I use it 2 times a day, it's great for my energy and digestion and my over-eating cravings basically gone.
Review by Daniel (Posted on 29/09/2018)
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