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L Arginine HCL

L Arginine HCL

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  • Pure Arginine HCL supplement

  • Enhances muscular pump

  • Increases volume and blood flow

  • Improves delivery of nutrients

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Energy (kj) 50 kj 1675 kj
Energy (cal) 12 cal 400 cal
Protein 3 g 100.0 g
Carbohydrates Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Fat Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Sodium 0.0 mg 0.0 mg


100% Pure L-Arginine HCL.

Customer Reviews

Where reviews refer to dietary sports food; results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and in no way represent the views of Bulk Powders Pty Ltd.

L Arginine HCL overview

L-arginine hydrochloride (l-arginine HCL) is considered a semi-essential amino acid but we still think it has plenty of impressive benefits and has an important place in any sports supplement stack.

L-arginine HCL is best known as a nitric oxide (NOX) stimulator and vasodilator, relaxing the blood vessels and helping the body shuttle oxygen and nutrients around the bloodstream. This makes l-arginine HCL a useful supplement for during training and in the recovery period between training sessions.

It has also been proven to control and lower blood pressure and hypertension and support healthy immune function.

As a gym training supplement, l-arginine HCL is valued for generating muscle pump, vascularity and all the benefits of a good NOX supplement.

L-arginine HCL has a role to play in the production of natural GH, creatine and glycogen (both crucial for providing energy to muscles during intense training), l-glutamine and l-proline.

L Arginine HCL benefits

Cell volumisation, muscle pump, nitric oxide (NOX) stimulation, immune function

L-arginine HCL is a semi-essential amino acid that boasts a host of benefits to athletes, bodybuilders, gym goers and anyone wanting to protect muscles, immune system and heart health. It acts as a nitric oxide stimulator, opening and relaxing blood vessels to help the healthy circulation of blood and nutrients around the body. It supports heart health, immune function and can control hypertension. Using it as a gym supplement will give good muscle pumps and vascularity.

L Arginine HCL Suggested use

As a dietary supplement, mix 3g with 50ml of water or non acidic juice and drink 1 to 2 times daily or as required. For best results, take as a pre-workout supplement prior to resistance training. 1 flat 1.5ml scoop provides an estimated 1.5g serving. Scoop is included in the package.

Summary: Improved Vascular pumps
Stack well with: Intra Pro BCAA
Mixed with Intra Pro before training improves my Vascular pump. I have decent Vascular conditioning as is but this makes them fuller and thicker.
Mixes well without any grainy texture.
Review by IAN (Posted on 10/06/2019)
Summary: Intense workouts
Stack well with: Citrulline Malate
I stack this with Cirulline malate and my workouts are intensified allowing me to get that extra rep or two , great muscle pumps too
Review by Craig (Posted on 9/10/2018)
Summary: Excellent Product
Stack well with: Aminos plus
Heart oxygen energy, I consider L Arginine one of the essential amino for health. Great as a workout supplement but also as a daily over all health product.
Review by GARY (Posted on 12/07/2018)
Summary: Powerful
Stack well with: CITRULLINE MALATE
Proven to help endurance but with citrulline malate will give the you "The Power Tingle". It's 100% a placebo but when you have this tingling sensation which is a side effect it lets you know you are in WORKOUT MODE and it's time to do work. Tastes not great, but who cares, mix it with juice.
Review by Marko (Posted on 7/11/2017)
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