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Inulin Powder

Inulin Powder

  • Pure Chicory Inulin supplement

  • Prebiotic for digestive health

  • May suppress appetite

  • Great addition to any shake

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Energy (kj)42 kj840 kj
Energy (cal)10.4 cal208 cal
Protein0.0 g0.0 g
Carbohydrates Total0.4 g8.0 g
Soluble Fibre4.4 g88.0 g
Fat Total0.0 g0.0 g


Chicory Root Inulin (Fibruline Instant).


Increase personal water consumption when supplementing with any soluble fibre supplement.

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Inulin is an ingredient naturally present in thousands of fruits and vegetables, however the highest concentration of inulin can be found in the Chicory Root making it the ideal source for extracting and producing pure Inulin Supplements available online in Australia.

Chicory Inulin Powder is a powerful supplement known to reduce constipation, promote heart, gut and digestive health whilst being able to suppress appetite and detoxify the body.

As a soluble fibre Inulin benefits include being highly water soluble and water absorbable allow it to form a jelly like consistency better than any other soluble fibre, this allows Inulin to pass easily through the intestines to assist in stabilising formed bowel movements or aiding in the relief from constipation.   

Inulin benefits continue as a non-digestible prebiotic to promote gut and digestive health, this is due to Inulin being a type of fibrous yet simple chained carbohydrate called an oligosaccharide. The oligosaccharide within the Inulin passes comfortably through the intestines unabsorbed by the body, it works to nourish the good bacteria within the gut allowing the good bacteria to flourish. This creates positive changes and assists to detoxify potentially harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites that cause unwanted stress and inflammations throughout the digestive system. 

Research has suggested soluble fibre may also assist in lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure by restricting the absorption of dietary cholesterol associated with LDL (bad cholesterol) which helps to maintain a healthy heart.

Because Inulin Supplements are not absorbed by the body until broken down by the good bacteria they have very low effects on your calorie intake after consumption and can assist to suppress appetite.

Taking an inluin supplement is a smart choice for bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone on a calorie restrictive diet looking to achieve better body composition. Inulin works to increase the sensation of felling full without large effects on calorie intake.  One gram of Inulin equates to only 2 calories, which is half the amount of a standard carbohydrate.

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Chicory Inulin is an all-natural soluble dietary fibre that is clean, tasteless and odorless. Chicory Inulin Powder is a powerful supplement known toassists with better bowel movements, reduce constipation, promote heart, gut and digestive health whilst being able to also suppress the appetite and detoxify the body.



As a dietary supplement mix 5g with 250ml of water, juice or add to flavoured supplement 1-3 times daily. 1 slightly heaped 5ml scoop provides an estimated 5g serving. A scoop is included in the package.

Remember to increase personal water consumption when supplementing with any soluble fibre supplements. 


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