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Chia Seeds (Organic)

Chia Seed (Organic)

  • Pure organic chia seeds

  • High fibre for digestive health

  • Useful source of protein

  • Healthy omega fatty acids

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    Chia Seeds Overview

    Chia seeds have been hailed as a superfood but we don't think they need a fancy title. The basic facts about this amazing little seed is more than enough to place it high on any healthy eating plan.


    Chia seeds are tiny seeds which swell up in water to create a textured paste-like consistency, making them a great choice for shakes, smoothies, oatmeal or for creating allergen-free and vegan desserts.


    Healthy eaters, bodybuilders and dieters love chia seeds for their amazing nutritional properties. They are packed with healthy fibre, a great source of essential omega fatty acids, and contain a good amount of protein too.


    Our chia seeds are 100% organic, pure and natural. You can use them in a number of ways: add to your shakes or smoothies, sprinkle on dairy, oatmeal, desserts or salads, use as an ingredient in healthy baking or homemade granola, or use as a replacement for eggs in vegan baking.


    Organic chia seeds provide plenty of vital nutrition to your diet and aid with detoxification, gut health, weight loss, appetite control and the health of skin and connective tissue.


    Chia Seeds Benefits

    Protein, fibre, essential omega fatty acids, detoxification, weight control, digestive health

    Our 100% organic chia seeds are whole chia seeds with nothing added. Often referred to as a superfood, chia seeds have a number of nutritional benefits, including high fibre, essential omega fatty acids, and minerals. They are a vegetarian and vegan-friendly source of protein.  Popular with dieters, bodybuilders, healthy eaters, vegans and people who enjoy healthy protein baking at home. Useful for weight loss and weight control, digestive health, gut health, detoxification, good skin and healthier connective tissue.


    Chia Seeds Dosage and Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement, add desired amount of organic chia seeds to protein shakes, smoothies, cereals, oatmeal, dairy snacks or baking. Or mix with water to create a chia pudding. Can be used to replace eggs in egg-free or vegan recipes. High in fibre.


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