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Rice Protein Powder Raw (Organic)

Pea Protein Raw (Organic)

7 Review(s)
  • Protein 80% Fat 3% Carb 13% averages

  • Sustained digestion rate

  • Zero lactose

  • Morning, day or post workout shake

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Energy (kj)329 kj1647 kj
Energy (cal)79 cal393 cal
Protein16.2 g80.8 g
Carbohydrates Total2.6 g12.8 g
Fat Total0.8 g2.8 g
Sodium6.2 mg31 mg


100% Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder.

Customer Reviews

Where reviews refer to dietary sports food; results may vary from person to person. Customer reviews are independent and in no way represent the views of Bulk Powders Pty Ltd.

Natural Raw Rice Protein Powder Australia Overview

Organic natural rice protein powder is a vegan plant protein made from healthy brown rice grains. The advanced manufacturing process removes the fats and a most of the carbohydrates from the natural ingredient, leaving a high raw protein value of about 80%.

Natural rice protein is not simply milled rice. It is a high protein, low carb protein powder derived from the raw source ingredient brown rice.  The raw brown rice is taken through a complex process. First process takes a concentrated fraction of sprouted raw rice grain. The rice is fermented and processed through filtration to extract the protein and fibre, leaving behind the carbohydrate and fat. The result is a hypo-allergenic vegan friendly plant protein powder with 80% protein (80g per 100g), minimal fats and carbohydrates, and no lactose.

Natural rice protein powder is a complete protein source with an impressive amino acid profile, making it a useful addition to your diet especially if you avoid meat, fish, or dairy. Surprisingly brown rice protein has the closest amino acid spectrum to mother’s milk, even though it is 100% dairy and lactose free. This is what makes rice protein so highly digestible, hypo-allergenic and easy on the gut.

Natural brown rice protein powder is free of common allergens generally associated with dairy, egg, gluten, soya, and wheat. Some rice protein shakes can be a little gritty and chalky, but our organic rice protein supplement is finely-milled in to a smoother powder which mixes easily in water. Buy natural rice protein to use in smoothies, shakes, and protein baking.

This is the best natural rice protein supplement for vegans, vegetarians, those with allergens or anyone who wants an alternative to whey protein and other dairy protein powders.

You now buy rice natural protein powder online in Australia, with same day despatch and Australia wide delivery.


Natural Raw Rice Protein Powder Benefits

Hypo-allergenic, vegan friendly, high protein, full amino acid spectrum, lactose-free.

Our organic natural brown rice protein powder is a vegan protein powder which has an impressive 80% protein content. It is naturally free from dairy and lactose, and very low in carbohydrate, fats, and sugar. The best protein powder for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who wants to avoid common allergens. We use the best natural organic ingredients to produce a quality organic rice protein supplement to boost protein in your healthy vegan lifestyle.


Natural Raw Rice Protein Powder Dosage and suggested use

As a dietary supplement, mix 30g with 300ml of water for a protein shake to be consumed at any time of the day for any goal. Consume as required. 2 scoops delivers around 30g, a scoop is included in package. Our Organic Rice Protein can also be used in smoothies and is excellent for protein baking such as homemade protein cookies, protein muffins, cakes, wraps, breads and other treats.

Stack well with:BP Spirulina + BP Lysine
Despite the earthy flavour, it still is OK to stack with Spirulina + Lysine. Very effective and I can't recommend enough for lean mass building & maintenance.
Review by Daniel (Posted on 29/09/2018)
Summary:Exceptional Vegan Protein Powder
Stack well with:BP Spirulina
This is an exceptional protein powder for anyone - as its both vegan friendly and lactose free! It's a complete protein source with an impressive amino acid profile - brown rice protein is actually the closest amino acid spectrum to mother’s milk :)
Great for morning and post workout ... with high protein content and minimal fat and carb content.
Review by Ulla (Posted on 20/08/2018)
Summary:Great Product!
Stack well with:Pea Protein
Fantastic product, mixes readily with water and pea protein, to provide all the essential amino acids, dairy free.
Review by Matt (Posted on 2/07/2018)
Summary:Perfect Protein Powder at a Great Price
Stack well with:Spirulina Powder
BP's Rice Protein Powder Raw (Organic) is a perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat ... and its vegan! It blends smoothly with any liquid and tastes great on its own and because it isn't overpowering can easily be the base for any flavour you prefer (eg, if you add cocoa, it tastes like cocoa). Great for morning or after work out. And the price is second to none. Highly recommend AAA+++
Review by Ulla (Posted on 5/03/2018)
Stack well with:Pea & rice protein
Hard core as raw if ur not used to it but I love it!
Great service, price & fast delivery. Will continue to buy but possibly in a flavour to try. Love trying their products
Review by Lamb chop (Posted on 26/02/2018)
Summary:Good for smoothies
Stack well with:Pea Protein, Banana/fruit, Cocoa powder, Vanilla extract
I was supersized when this tasted like rice water. Doesn't become thick like pea protein and I prefer this over pea. But it is good to mix with pea protein to get a better amino acid profile and a texture. I use a stick blender instead of a shaker to ensure there are no clumps.
Review by Sachith (Posted on 28/05/2017)
Summary:Prefer over pea protein!
Stack well with:Pea protein, flax, chia
I prefer the taste of this over pea protein. Mixes well and doesn't become thick. Almost like drinking rice water! But I suggest mixing with Pea protein to get an amino acid profile similar to whey.
Review by Sachith (Posted on 6/05/2017)
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