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We’ve made buying your nutrition online now even easier. With over 120 different core products and around 400 variations available, we understand finding the right supplements to suit your goals can be confusing.

What makes us unique and sets us above the competition is our diverse product range which is why Shop by Series was developed. To help guide and improve your shopping experience with us, we’ve taken our entire product range divided up into 6 easy to follow colour coded product series, simplifying the buying process for you.

Check out the different Series available below and discover which products are most suited to your goals.



The Essentials Series contains the core of sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements. Here you’ll find all the basic economical essentials such as simple protein powder varieties, amino acids, creatine and carbohydrates.

If you looking for all your basic supplement needs, this is where you come.



The Performance Series contains our world-class performance boosting formulations. Here you’ll find the products that set us beyond the competition, with superior protein powder blends, HGH and TEST boosters, pre and intra workout formulations.

If you’re looking to take things to the next level, this is where you come.



The Shred Series contains our world-class shredding formulations. Here you’ll find potent fat mobilising and weight cutting products from shredding protein powders to thermogenics.

If you looking to cut and shred.zv this where you come.



The Femme Series contains our world-class female product range. Here you’ll find a verity of products designed to boost female performance, whilst considering the key nutritional elements desired. If you looking to bring out your femme fatale, this is where you come.



The Wellness Series contains a variety of all natural and organic supplements. Here you’ll find vast range of natural protein powder, super-foods, greens, antioxidants and all natural formulations that inspire inner wellness.

If you looking to feel great inside and out, this is where you come.



The MuscleFood Series contains muscle building foods. Here you’ll find anything from yummy pre-mix protein rich pancakes, muffins, balls and mousses to nuts and beef jerky.

If you’re looking for a high protein snack or a sweet cheat alternative, this is where you come.