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L Glycine

L Glycine

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  • Pure L Glycine supplement

  • Enhances muscle development

  • Improves absorption of nutrients

  • Reduces swelling

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Energy (kj) 17 kj 1675 kj
Energy (cal) 4 cal 400 cal
Protein 1.0 g 100.0 g
Carbohydrates Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Fat Total 0.0 mg 0.0 mg
Sodium 0.0 mg 0.0 mg


100% Pure L-Glycine.

Customer Reviews

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L Glycine overview

The body can create its own stores of l-glycine (from serene) and we can get l-glycine from the foods we eat (mainly meats, fish, dairy products and legumes). However, it is important to supplement with this non-essential amino acid as it holds so many benefits for muscle gain, good sleep and recovery.

Structurally, glycine is the simplest amino acid in the body, is absorbed quickly and metabolised well so the benefits will be felt almost immediately.

As a neurotransmitter, it supports the central nervous system (CNS), making it an important amino acid for powerlifters and anyone else who trains hard enough to tax the CNS. It is a powerful anti-inflam, adding to the list of reasons you should consider it to help with training recovery. 

Glycine has a role to play in the body's creation of protein, amino acids and creatine, purines, bile salts, glycogen and ATP (the primary energy system). It also plays a part in the production of haemoglobin, nucleic acids, porphyrins, glutathione, glucose, and other amino acids. This list shows how important glycine is to the blood, brain and muscle tissue as well as to athletic performance, recovery and the protection of lean mass.

Combine glycine with simple carbohydrates (ideal for post-workout) to capitalise on its muscle development and recovery benefits. It is thought that this combination increases nutrient delivery sensitivity in the post-workout period to boost glucose uptake when your muscles need it most. Add l-glycine supplement powder to your post-workout shake, creatine drink or other amino acid supplement drink to maximise the results you will see and feel from using glycine.


L Glycine benefits

Post-workout recovery, sleep, muscle gain, lean mass protection.

L-glycine is a simple nonessential amino acid with a powerful range of benefits, particularly to bodybuilders, powerlifters, strength athletes and anyone who feels their CNS (central nervous system) is affected through training. It increases nutrient delivery sensitivity in the post-workout window, supports the CNS and is a natural anti-inflam. It has a role to play in the way the body creates protein and peptides, creatine, ATP and haemoglobin (amongst many other important benefits).


L Glycine Suggested use

As a dietary supplement, add 0.5-1.0g to your protein, amino acid or creatine drink, mixed with at least 250ml of water or non acidic juice (grapefruit juice). 1 flat 1.5ml scoop provides an estimated 1.5g serving, therefore we suggest a half scoop. Scoop included in package.

Summary: Great product
Stack well with: L. Glycine
Made a huge difference to regaining muscle strength. Also helps me sleep better. Ordering some more.
Review by Elizabeth (Posted on 27/06/2021)
Summary: Excellent
Stack well with: Taurine and Gaba
Excellent, mixes well in hot drink. I have it in my bulletproof coffee with taurine and gaba. Clear mind and easy focus garantied.
Review by Brigitte (Posted on 25/06/2021)
Summary: Help with rem and deep sleep
Stack well with: good with L-theanine
High-quality product at a good price. No problems with delivery. L-Glycine helps with rem and deep sleep patterns. Taking Glycine means we get an average of 1 hour of each every night and this means waking up feeling rested.
Review by Barbara (Posted on 20/04/2021)
Summary: I'm not a bodybuilder, but this works for me
Stack well with: Raw Organic Cocoa
Firstly - I'm a 62 years old woman with bad arthritus in my hands and various other joint problems from a rather nasty accident when I came of a very large horse, at very high speed, 30 years ago.
It was recommended that I try glycine to ease some of my aches and pains - I've tried everything else so I thought "why not".
I don't like the sweet taste, but combined with the raw organic cocoa in hot coconut milk about an hour before I go to bed; it's no only delicious, but I'm falling asleep on the sofa within the hour.
According to my fitness tracker, my overall sleep time has increased slightly, but more importantly my deep sleep time has increased by 150%. I know that nowadays I only wake up once to go to the loo, instead of 4 or 5 times. In addition, I don't have terrible pain in my fingers first thing in the morning and my overall pain levels have decreased noticeably.
I always keep a record of the number of painkillers taken so I don't accidentally poison myself (old lady memory!). This record shows that with after about a week of taking Glycine daily my painkiller consumption has dropped from every four hours to every 12 to 16 hours.
In summary, it does what it's supposed to do in the improving sleep and reducing swelling department, so I'm a big fan.
Review by Tracy (Posted on 25/09/2019)
Summary: Overall mitochondrial health
Stack well with: Don't know
Bought this to support mitochondrial health and to help regulate methionine toxicity. Very sweet taste.
Review by Francis (Posted on 21/05/2018)
Summary: Better than we thought.
Stack well with: Hemp Protien Powder.
We've not tried this product before in our 'smoothies'. But, it's great. will definately re purchase.
Review by Len (Posted on 20/02/2018)
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