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Pea Protein (Organic)

Pea Protein (Organic)

  • Protein 80% Fat 8% Carb 7% averages

  • Sustained digestion rate

  • Zero lactose

  • Morning, day or post workout shake

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Pea Protein Overview

Pea protein is the best protein powder for vegans or anyone who wants to avoid lactose in their diet. As pea protein is a plant-based protein derived from split peas, it does not contain whey or gluten, both of which can be potential allergens for coeliacs and those with lactose intolerance.

Our pea protein is made using certified organic raw ingredients, taking it one step further in purity. It is a very clean and hypoallergenic protein powder which delivers a fantastic 80% protein per serving and a truly impressive amino acid profile. Not all vegan protein powders can boast such a complete spectrum of amino acids and this is why we choose to stock organic pea protein rather than hemp protein or brown rice protein. Pea protein's amino acid content and protein levels put it on a par with whey protein powders without the potential for allergic responses or triggering digestive issues.

Organic pea protein powder is an excellent way for anyone to improve their daily protein intake but is particularly recommended for vegans or anyone who needs (or wants) to avoid dairy in their diet. It can replace whey protein like-for-like.

Our organic pea protein is offered raw unflavoured or flavoured in weight options of 1kg, 2.5kgs or a fantastic 4.5kgs.

Pea protein does retain a distinctive plant-protein taste and a thick texture. Do not expect it to taste or mix like a dairy-based protein powder especially the unflavoured option. Consider adding unflavoured pea protein to smoothies or use in baking. Alternatively try one of our all natural flavoured options.

Our all natural flavoured and sweetened options include Chocolate or Vanilla, Chocolate contains certified organic cocoa, all natural flavours and stevia whilst vanilla contains all natural flavours and stevia.

Pea Protein Benefits

80% protein, complete amino acid profile, no dairy, no lactose, no gluten.

Organic pea protein is our recommended protein powder for vegans or anyone needing to avoid dairy for any reason. It boasts a fantastic 80% protein content and an impressive amino acid profile, putting it on a level playing field with whey protein powders. But of course as it is a plant protein, it does not contain lactose and therefore makes it a good choice for anyone with digestive issues sparked off by dairy consumption. Pea protein is also a popular choice with protein bakers who find it a very good choice of protein powder for protein muffins, protein breads, homemade protein bars and even protein wraps and pizzas.

Pea Protein Dosage and Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, mix 30g with 300ml of water for a protein shake to be consumed during the day, or pre/post workout. Consume several times a day, as required. 2 scoops delivers around 30g and scoop is included in package. Organic pea protein can also be used in smoothies and is excellent for protein baking such as homemade protein cookies, protein muffins, cakes, wraps, breads and other treats.


Great tasteReview by Renee S
I stack this with:ALCAR
Comments:I use this as a post workout shake and mix it with almond milk and a banana in the blender for breakfast. I struggled for ages to find a dairy free protien powder with the nutritional profile of this powder and that wasn't gritty or tasted awful - this hits the spot - great taste, texture and nutrition.
(Posted on 20/04/2016)
Brilliant ProductReview by Natalie
I stack this with:*
Comments:This is by far the best tasting Organic Pea Protein on the market, I have also recommended this for my clients who have also struggled with other pea proteins and they have also loved it.. Awesome Awesome Product...
(Posted on 9/07/2015)
One of the best tasting Pea Proteins I've triedReview by Candy
I stack this with:Super Greens
Comments:I'm vegan by heart and body-builder by nature, I've tried 3 other brands (from health food store) and this has been by far the best tasting and best priced pea protein available. I use the Choc flavour daily and the natural unflavoured in my cooking. Big hugs to the BP Team X
(Posted on 28/04/2015)
First choice if whey protein is out of the questionReview by George
I stack this with:Creatine
Comments:This product is perfect for anyone who is dairy intolerant or vegan and offers all the benefits of normal whey. It mixes fine, and is a much better option than no protein at all.
I'd recommend this as a first choice if whey protein is out of the question
(Posted on 18/04/2015)

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