Six-pack shortcuts using supplements, lifestyle and exercise.

Who doesn’t love a flat, hard six-pack?

Here are 5 amazingly effective ab exercises, with the bonus lifestyle and supplements information so you can finally get those chiseled abs on display.

Getting a flat stomach and hard, lean torso isn’t just about sit ups. You know that already, right? But do you know what is actually needed in order to build and then reveal a sexy, defined mid-section? You need to tackle it from several angles.

Weight training (resistance training)
Weight training will help you get a chiseled midsection in more ways than one. Direct weighted ab work will actually build the muscle so you can reveal denser abdominals, whilst compound movements (squats, deadlifts) will target the abs too and contribute to muscle growth. Build more muscle with weight training and your resting metabolism will rise, helping you burn more calories through everyday activity. It all adds up.

Cardio and interval training
To reveal your abs, you’re probably going to need to do some cardio to help create a calorie deficit. Whether you choose steady state, LISS cardio or high-intensity interval training, put the work in and carve out a calorie deficit which will chip away at that layer of fluff covering your abs.

Shred body fat
Ultimately, you need low body fat to show off your six pack. Use a combination of great nutrition, weight training, cardio, good sleep, optimum hydration and clever supplements (including thermogenic fat burners) to dial everything in.

Calorie deficit
You can’t achieve fat loss without a calorie deficit. Use diet, cardio or a combination of the two in order to create a small daily caloric deficit which will force your body to use body fat for fuel, letting your abs shine through! Here are 5 abdominal exercises you’re probably not doing. Add them to your training routine, three times per week, and see your abs transform.

Now, onto our Top 5 Ab Exercises

Kneeling cable crunches
Kneel facing a cable machine with the rope attachment set high. Choose a moderate to heavy weight on the stack. Pull the rope so the handles are either side of your head and, from a kneeling position, crunch down, blowing out so your abs contract. Do 10-12 reps, rest and perform 3-4 sets.

Weighted side bends
Really? Yes really, this old-school exercise is a killer for razor-sharp obliques, but make sure you do it properly. Stand with a weight, plate or dumbbell in one hand. Bend slowly sideways so the weight moves down your leg, but really connect with your abs and obliques. Feel a deep pull as you slowly straighten up. Stop as soon as you feel you’ve lost the connection. Do as many good reps per side as you can.

Plank holds
Done properly, plank holds are amazing for strengthening and flattening the abs, pulling your six-pack flat to avoid that bloated look. Support yourself on your feet, elbows and hands and keep a straight line from neck to butt, keeping the spine in neutral alignment. Don’t sag at the head or hips and don’t let your butt lift. Hold your abs in tight. Aim for a 2-minute hold.

Partner-assisted low ab raises
Here’s a great one to do if you have a training partner handy. You lie on the floor and they stand facing your feet, with their feet either side of your head. You hold onto their ankles and lift your feet into a lower-ab raise. They “throw” your feet towards the floor, and you have to stop your feet from touching the ground, before lifting your feet back up towards their hands for another throw. Add in a pause and hold as your feet hover off the ground.

Ab roll outs
If your gym doesn’t have an ab roller, buy one. They’re one of the cheapest and best abdominal exercise aids you can get. Perform steady, controlled ab roll outs, concentrating on feeling a deep connection and pull in the entire abdominal region as you pull back up. Do 8 and see how you feel before committing to more!

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